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Cherylynn Wium: As always on Sunday 18th [...]

Garth Coetzer: Was at school with Robyn [...]

John Richardson: when on TFB I took [...]

Charl Starke: 35 yrs ... seems like [...]

DK Pillay: What a tragedy to lose [...]

WO1. Piet van Zyl (TAS Ret): In 4 hours time 35 [...]

Peter Elrick: They shall grow not old, [...]

Cherylynn Wium: It will be 35 years [...]

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The 1st Annual South African Naval Fraternity Social is gathering steam.

At 3pm on Saturday 23rd of February (THIS MONTH!) shipmates from various walks of life in the SA Navy will start gathering at HUB in Simonstown.

Some will avail themselves of the ship tours laid on by the Base PR Office, while others will start the banter and renewing of acquaintences and memories.

Havev you booked for the social?

If not, head over the the fraternituy website to do so now!