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Cherylynn Wium: As always on Sunday 18th [...]

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John Richardson: when on TFB I took [...]

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DK Pillay: What a tragedy to lose [...]

WO1. Piet van Zyl (TAS Ret): In 4 hours time 35 [...]

Peter Elrick: They shall grow not old, [...]

Cherylynn Wium: It will be 35 years [...]

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SAS President Kruger Remembrance Wall

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93 Responses to Remembrance Wall

  • Fred Simons says:

    We will remember them

  • Frank Charles van Rooyen says:

    From then Sub-Lieutenant Frank Charles van Rooyen, one of PKR’s OOW. We will remember them, those that perished on the 18th of February 1982, and the best ship’s company ever!

  • Vanessa and Alex says:

    Granville will always be with us.

  • Ian Crook says:

    Great crew, great ship.

  • Hennie And Tinkie says:

    P.O.Robin Bulterman…we will always remember you…

  • AGW Best says:

    In memory of those personnel lost at sea on the 18th February 1982. RIP

  • Frank Erskine says:

    May they rest in peace, they will forever be remembered.

  • M Adeel Carelse says:

    A day never to be forgotten, as we remember our fallen shipmates we honour them. Lt Cdr M. Adeel Carelse SA Navy (Res)then Ab M. A, Carelse

  • Malcolm Eduardo Monteiro says:

    The expression “Lest we forget”, so poignant and yet so simple. I am so thankful for the memories I have of times spent on board her, the friends and loved ones we lost on that cold night so many years ago will never be far from our thoughts.
    We salute you, we honour you and we will never forget you. I pray that Almighty God will give you all peace

  • Cherylynn Wium says:

    They will be forever in our hearts.

  • Shiela Downes says:

    Our thoughts will be with you all on the 18th.

  • Melt de Kock says:

    We will remember our shipmates and the gracefull sealady. They will always stay in hearts.

  • karen whiteley says:

    February comes with sad regret, it brings a day we wont forget. Our hearts still ache the tears still flow.God bless you dad we love you so. Love Karen and all the family.

  • deon boshoff says:

    How can we ever forget them? I had shared some of the best times of my life with them. A finer ship has yet to be built.

  • Marie Bulterman says:

    Robin, you have never been out of our hearts.

  • Brian McMaster says:

    To our beloved brother and shipmates you will always be in our hearts and never be forgotten RIP

  • chris lochner says:

    Time moves on but we still have fond memories of the friends who are no longer with us.

  • Verna and Children says:

    Graham Brind dedicated husband,father and friend…gone but never forgotten!

  • Don Ruffels says:

    The Navy to us was not only a place of work, but a family of men woman with a common interest. Our hearts wept with the loss of some our family members. Come the 18th February 2012 we still hold in our minds the sadness of that day. To the family of our lost friends we will support you come the 30th Commemorative rememberances of the sinking of the President Kruger.

  • Trish Gleeson says:

    To all those dear brave men, many of whom we grew up with. Lots of love to the Whiteley family in the UK – we will never forget your wonderful husband and father, Mike.

  • Allison Bigmore says:

    PO MICHAEL BRUCE RICHARD WHITELEY. 30 Years gone by but not a day goes by without thinking of you. In our hearts you will always stay. Love Allison and all the Family.x

  • CPO Faria says:

    A day never to be forgotten.RIP to the 16 souls lost.

  • Shaun Bullen says:

    To those that still stand watch in the icy grips of the ocean’s depths. “..for he who today sheds his blood with me, shall be my brother. From this day, to the ending of the world, we in it shall be remembered,we lucky few….we band of brothers…” Henry V

  • Raymond Bredeveldt says:

    I Salute you my colleagues and friends may your souls RIP

  • Terry Lishman says:

    To all those men who rest below the icy seas, RIP!!!

  • Frank Stacey says:

    My thoughts go to those who perished on PK on 18 Febeuary 1982, you will always be remembered. RIP

  • B. Ackers says:

    Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.

  • Alec Ruthenberg says:

    Today 30 years ago this S A Naval Warship sunk after a tragic accident at sea, taking the lives of 16 loyal naval sailors.We think about you today and our thoughts and prayers are with all the families of these members. We also thank the Lord for sparing the lives of so many survivors and think about the trauma you and your families had to go through during and after this tragedy. God be with you all. We salute you.

  • Mickey McGrath says:

    Rest in Peace. You served your nation well and will never be forgotten

  • Doreen Hall says:

    May they rest in peace. My thoughts are with the families and friends who lost a loved one on the 18 Feb 1982

  • Ken and Mavis Blacknell says:

    Gone but not forgotten R.I.P

  • wynne fourie says:

    To all my crew mates you will always be remember

  • Andy Whyte says:

    The sailors lost at sea are respected, loved and will be forever remembered. RIP.

  • Mel Wainwright says:

    My father was part of the commissioning crew and she was the first ship I served on so she holds a special place in my heart as do those brave men who perished on that fateful night. We will remember them.

  • Nick De Villiers says:

    I will always cherish the time that I spent on the PK …..My fellow Sailor’s which went down with the ship that night will alway’s be remembered.

  • Gerald Lubbe says:

    The Navy and its family will always miss you.RIP

  • Ferdinand Kroukamp says:

    May God be with those who sacrificed their lives. I could only watch from the PP whilst PK is sinking knowing that some of my mates has gone down with her. will always be remembered

  • Keith Cummings says:

    A very sad and confusing moment in time. We will always remember those who lost their lives that fateful morning. May they forever rest in peace. God bless their families. Being crew on F150 is a very special part of my life.Respects KC

  • Stellamarie Nel says:

    My respects to his family and the families of those lost at sea

  • Rockey says:

    Robin Bulterman had the cabin accross from me on the SAS Transvaal.All around no nonsense great guy.RIP my friend

  • WO1 Peter Haupt says:

    Our thoughts are with those that were lost , survived as well as their families.

  • Simon Cross says:

    Our thoughts are with the families and survivors.

  • Fully Fullard says:

    We will remember them

  • Lt Cdr M. Adeel Carelse says:

    Sad to hear at this late stage of Brian's passing. he was a good friend, may his dearest soul rest in peace. Kalli

  • David Blyth says:

    We shall remember them – RIP

  • Cdr M. Adeel Carelse says:

    Hi All pse take note of my new email address. It is with sadness that I have to announce the passing of WO! Chris Van Der Vent, a legend in the MCM Flot. Chris passed away on Friday afternoon after a prolonged battle with cancer. May his dearest soul rest in peace.

  • Marius Gerber says:

    I will never forget the moment when I was about to leave the boiler room after completing my shift and I was knocked of the ladder when the Tavies hit us.

  • Ian Wall says:

    Seldom have I come across a cause as noble as what Kruger and the Boer comandos had stood for. I am proud of the Africaans brothers keeping it all alive for us and our children. Thank you.

  • frans louw says:

    Dit is 12 dae voor die 32ste herdenking van die tragiese oggend. Die onder offisiere van bak 12 leef voort in ons gedagte.

  • Cherylynn Wium says:

    On 16 February 2014 I am going to do the Peninsula Marathon in honor of the 16 men lost at sea on 18 February 1982 and thereafter, like I used to do many years ago, leave a flower at the wall of remembrance. But this time I would also like to celebrate the lives of those brave men who survived on that fateful day. God bless you all!

    • Steve Johns says:

      Thank you Cherylynn – your thoughts for those that were blessed to survive are much appreciated. We will always remember and honour those that did not make it home!

  • WO1 Piet van Zyl (TAS, rtd) says:

    As ex crew, I will cherish fond memories forever of perished and rescued crew members. Lest we forget.

  • Cherylynn Wium says:

    Dink vandag, na 32 jaar spesiaal aan julle, met liefdevolle herhinneringe!

  • Henri du Plessis says:

    For years I tried to forget, put it behind me, but I could not. I will always remember – from PO Skeats asking me how I wanted my steak done to Benji, PO Wium, the whole lot. Fragments of memories flood me right now.
    I honour them for being ordinary men engaged in an extraordinary job and doing it well until they crossed the bar.

    • Steve Johns says:

      Henri, we can never forget or put it behind us. It will live with us forever! A tragic and very sad day. We can only be thankful we were spared.

  • Steve Johns says:

    32 years ago and still my tears roll for those that did not make it home, may they Rest in Peace – we will always remember them!

  • Mariska Visser says:

    Dink vandag aan my pa, Lt. FH Visser, wat ongelukkig nie meer by ons is nie en die res van die betrokkenes.

  • Susan Matthysen says:

    Salute Roy McMaster

  • Leon de Jonge says:

    It would have been Roy’s Birthday on the 20th Feb

  • Allison Bigmore says:

    Lost at sea in South Africa on the President Kruger 18th February 1982.
    Loving thoughts of you each day. In our hearts you shall always stay. Remembered always by your family and friends. x

    February always a difficult time as we come together to remember you and your collegues who perished along with the President Kruger.

  • Christo Hunt says:

    I was 17 and joined the PP a year later, only hearing of the story, but walking on the ship that was there. It was so scary, I was so young.

  • Brian van der Bijl says:

    I served on the PK in1972-73. It was a magnificent ship of which Iwas very proud to have served on. I still to this day have very fond memories of life on board this ship.It was a tragic day when this ship was lost and the crew who lost their lives and the ship will always be remembered

  • allatsea.co.za says:

    A sad loss of men in a tragedy that should not have happened. We will Remember. fair winds and a safe voyage for your journey.

  • Terence Fish says:

    Im Sea Fish…survivor….salute to our lost ship mates.

  • Philip Berridge says:

    I was on duty at SAS IMMORTELLE this fateful day 33 years ago. I will never, ever forget this day till my dying days. RIP gents. Gone but never forgotten.

  • Cherylynn Wium says:

    Special thoughts are with all the crew members today as well as remembering those who never returned with loving memories. RIP.

  • Steve Conradie says:

    They sail forth in our hearts and memories.
    Never to be forgotten. RIP.

  • Graham Lawson says:

    My thoughts are with my ship mates today. You are not forgotten.

  • Treska Botha says:

    Rest peacefully there, Coenraad where you were at your happiest…

  • Kevin Cudmore says:

    As each year goes by, I remember the 18th Feb 1982 and the tragic loss of life. I was on duty that night in the wireless office with Shawn Cuff and had just gone to wake our relief when I decided to go and get some toast in the mess. Then, it happened. One of the only PO’s I remember was PO Whiteley, who was one of the PO’s in charge of us sparkies. He was a good man. May he and all those who lost their lives in the sinking, rest in peace.

  • Jan Jansen says:

    They are forever in my thoughts, still saddened – ex Emily Hobhouse(submariner) Was there that fateful morning. May they rest in peace.

  • Julie Benjelloun says:

    rRIP All who lost their lives on The SAS President kruger. My Dear Uncle Pete Day was a survivor and could never talk about that fateful night. I am just remembering with fondness my lovely Uncle who has since passed on. God Bless You Uncle Pete x

  • Ronald Hobden says:

    a sad day and painful to those that lost loved ones and friends may we never forget. I salute you.

  • Cherylynn Wium says:

    Our brother, CJ Wium, is celebrating his 60th birthday within our hearts today! Thinking of you Coenraad as we always do with special memories and love. Cherylynn, Berendine and Peter xx

  • Michele Brind says:

    Forever in our hearts…till we meet again.

  • Cherylynn Wium says:

    We will never forget. RIP

  • Mary Jane Tallon says:

    Rest in peace, never forgotten.

  • Arthur Gobey says:

    R.I.P. Guys – I served on JVR, PK, PS & Strike Craft. My Naval career was the highlight of my life.

  • Piet van Zyl says:

    As a survivor, thinking of the 16 perished sailor friends and 173 survivors with gratitude. Lest we forget. I agree with Frank van Rooyen – best ship & crew ever.

  • Lorraine Fourie says:

    You will always be remembered – on behalf of Zos van Greunen who is unable to write

  • Lofty Henning says:

    Attended 34th memorial service, Irene, Sun 6th. 4 survivors present. RIP

  • Christy Jacobs survivor an experience one cant understand losing friends and shipmates in a flash says:

    What a great ships company .good memories

  • alex devilliers says:

    forever in my heart miss you every waking day

  • Philip van der Walt says:

    Ex survivor , sorry to those who lost life’s . Would like to be there on 18th but live in Australia . Maybe one day.

  • frans louw says:

    35 jaar en ons sal dit nooit vergeet nie.Mess 11 se mense.

  • Cherylynn Wium says:

    It will be 35 years tomorrow! Will never forget and will hold you all forever in my heart.

  • Peter Elrick says:

    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning
    We will remember them.

  • WO1. Piet van Zyl (TAS Ret) says:

    In 4 hours time 35 years ago we lost 16 friends, may they sleep well. For the 173 survivors we are gratefull for the grace of Almighty. I have tears in my eyes & heart. We salute all,and the ship, lest we forget.
    Lofty e-mail me.

  • DK Pillay says:

    What a tragedy to lose shipmates and friends. What a fantastic crew. Rip

  • Charl Starke says:

    35 yrs … seems like the other day

  • John Richardson says:

    when on TFB I took 8mm cine doing RASwith PK and PS, tried to get on PK

  • Garth Coetzer says:

    Was at school with Robyn Myers. A nicer guy you couldn’t meet. I think he took a lot of the flack for this tragic incident at the time. Events clearer now from this report. We will indeed remember those who lost their lives in the early hours of that morning.

  • Cherylynn Wium says:

    As always on Sunday 18th I will be remembering those men lost at sea and giving thanks for those brave men who made it back. Never to be forgotten!

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