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Cherylynn Wium: As always on Sunday 18th [...]

Garth Coetzer: Was at school with Robyn [...]

John Richardson: when on TFB I took [...]

Charl Starke: 35 yrs ... seems like [...]

DK Pillay: What a tragedy to lose [...]

WO1. Piet van Zyl (TAS Ret): In 4 hours time 35 [...]

Peter Elrick: They shall grow not old, [...]

Cherylynn Wium: It will be 35 years [...]

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Total Records Found: 193, showing 50 per page
Last NameFirst NameRankBranchPhotoStatus
Ackers B. AB Radar Deceased
Adams I. ? SEA SEA
Adams J. PO ?
Alexander J. AB EWO
Alexander J. SEA SEA
Bachail ? A. ? AB ERM
Badenhorst A. J. AB MECH (S)
Banan G. PO Gunnery
Batchelor L. R. AB ?
Behrens K. M. AB ERM
Bender W. A. LS Gunnery
Benjamin M PO Catering / Chef
Benjamin G. T. AB Catering / Chef 18/02/1982
Berry R. AB Diver
Bethel W. WO2 MECH
Bezuidenhout A. SEA ERM
Bland D. WO1 Stores
Boonzaaier D. SEA ?
Booysen J. P. CPO MECH 18/02/1982
Botes B. AB Catering / Chef
Botha P. J. (Piet) CPO Gunnery (Instructor) Deceased 1984
Bothma S. P. PO ELO (SH) 18/02/1982
Brandt N. G. AB ERM
Bredeveldt R. AB Communications
Brind G. A. F. PO ? 18/02/1982
Brink H LS Catering / Chef
Brummer J. SEA ERM
Brushett J. LT Engineering Officer
Bulterman R. PO Stores 18/02/1982
Burger D. A. PO MECH
Cameron R. S. W. O. 2 Bosuns Mate
Campbell L. L. AB EWO
Carelse M. A. A.B. Communications Serving
Challis A. CPO MECH (S)
Chengan S. SEA SEA
Cornelius K. LS MECH
Cudmore K. AB TO(R)
Davies G. AB radar
Davis J. CPO ELO (SH)
Day F. CPO Mech WPN
de Lange Wim Captain Officer Commanding - GD Exec
De Lillie ? M. AB Catering / Chef
De Villiers N. J. PO ERM
De Villiers G. W. PO ELO WPN 18/02/1982
Domingo E. AB Radar
Dreyer M. AB ELO WPN
Du Plessis H. PO MECH (S)
Du Preez M. C. AB ERM



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  • This is the completed list of all 193 men who were on board. The list does not include those who were temporarily away on leave etc. There are still a number of correction that need to be made, and I would welcome any feedback on this.

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