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Cherylynn Wium: As always on Sunday 18th [...]

Garth Coetzer: Was at school with Robyn [...]

John Richardson: when on TFB I took [...]

Charl Starke: 35 yrs ... seems like [...]

DK Pillay: What a tragedy to lose [...]

WO1. Piet van Zyl (TAS Ret): In 4 hours time 35 [...]

Peter Elrick: They shall grow not old, [...]

Cherylynn Wium: It will be 35 years [...]

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Total Records Found: 193, showing 50 per page
Last NameFirst NameRankBranchPhotoStatus
Massey-Hicks L. LS ERM
McMaster R. A. PO SHIPWRIGHT 18/02/1982
Meintjies A. J. Sub -Lt GD Exec
Meintjies P. SEA ERM
Minnaar J. J. CPO MECH
Mohanlan P. LS Gunnery
Morgan ? G. N. SEA SEA
Mould L. P. CPO ERM Deceased 24th November 2005
Myers R. A. S. Commander XO - GD Exec
Napoli P. J. PO Comms TO(R)
Neil G. CPO Communications
Nell ? J. P. AB ERM
Oldham P. LS SW
Oldham D. SEA SEA
Oostehuizen W. J. PO MECH (S)
Paxton ? Capt (SAAF) SAAF
Peregrino R. AB Writer
Pheiffer A. R. SEA ERM
Phillips C. G. SEA SEA
Pieters J. LS SW
Pillay D. AB Gunnery
Planck R. G. W. O. 1 Coxswain
Poggenpoel R. LS Gunnery
Potgieter T. AB CATERING / CHF
Pratt F. B. SEA ERM
Prins AQ. LS Gunnery
Prins ? A. J. LS ERM
Roodt C. PO Stores
Sacker D. T. AB ERM
Schoeman ? L. C. WO2 Catering / Chef
Sevan ? T. C. AB ?
Seyffert J. CPO Radar (PRI)
Sieberts M. LS Gunnery
Skeates R. F. PO CATERING / CHF 18/02/1982
Skeats R. PO Catering / Chef
Smit H. W. CPO ELO (SH) 18/02/1982
Smit C. S. SLT ?
Smith P. Lt Gunnery officer
Smith C. J. W. O. 2 Gunnery
Smith W. R. PO Catering / Chef 18/02/1982
Starke C. E. AB ?
Steyn J. LS MECH (WPN)
Steyr J. la Catering / Chef
Stone M. LS Radar
Strongman ? F. J. SEA EWO ?
Strydom O. CPO SW



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  • This is the completed list of all 193 men who were on board. The list does not include those who were temporarily away on leave etc. There are still a number of correction that need to be made, and I would welcome any feedback on this.

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