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Painting by Derrick Dickens, artwork by Theo Fernandes

On the 24th February the SA Legion UK will pay tribute at two ceremonies to the SS Mendi and the SAS President Kruger.

If you are able to attend you are very welcome.

24/02/2013 SS Mendi and SAS President Kruger Parades


Parade Order – Milton Cemetery:


Weather permitting the parade will be held outside, weather not permitting the sermon and messages will be done in the Chapel and the wreaths laid in a shortened outside service.

11:00 Parade Muster and drill Practice

  • Colours take position  behind Parade OC
  • Medal Parade for new recipients – march up, salute, step forward.  Step back, Salute – left turn, rejoin.
  • Colours join the squad
  • Dismiss

11:30 Parade Muster at the chapel and march to ceremonial site (lower path)

  • Halt  on the path below the row – colours take up position in the centre of the row
  • Message fromParade Commander on the SS Mendi
  • Sermon – reading, message and prayer appropriate to the men of the Mendi and the SA Labour Corps
  • Message from Lgr Peter Gillatt
  • Colours dipped
  • SA Legion Wreath placed
  • Roll call to the 9 SS Mendi casualties buried at Milton and individual wreaths are laid to each man by a member appointed in the squad – each man will exit the quad individually, march up – halt salute, step forward and lay wreath, bow, step back salute left turn and rejoin the squad
  • The Last Post played and Two minutes Silence
  • Act of Remembrance
  • Colours raised and rejoined
  • Squad march to the chapel
  • Dismiss

Parade Order – Portsmouth Memorial

13:00  Muster

  • Parade March to memorial and halt. Eyes front, Parade Commanders salute the memorial
  • Colours take up position
  • Introduction and call to worship – we come together Legion script
  • Message from Parade Commander – All serving men lost at sea
  • Bible Reading, Message and Prayer appropriate to all military disasters at sea in the modern era
  • Personal Message from Lgr Cameron Kinnear – SAS PK Survivor,
  • Colours Dipped
  • SAS PK Roll Call – Read by Lgr Cameron Kinnear
  • Wreath party to lay wreaths (SA Legion, SS Mendi and SAS President Kruger)
  • Act of Remembrance
  • Commitment and Dedication
  • The last post and 2 minutes silence
  • Colours raised and rejoin the squad
  • National Anthems (South African followed by God Save the Queen)
  • Eyes front memorial salute by parade commanders
  • Squad marched off and dismiss.