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Mariska Visser: Dink vandag aan my pa, [...]

Susan Matthysen: Salute Roy McMaster

Leon de Jonge: It would have been Roy's [...]

Allison Bigmore: MICHAEL BRUCE RICHARD WHITELEY Lost at [...]

Christo Hunt: I was 17 and joined [...]

Brian van der Bijl: I served on the PK [...]

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Roll of Honour

Benjamin G.T. AB

Booysen J. CPO

Bothma S.P. PO

Brind G.A.F. PO

Bulterman R.C. PO

De Villiers G.W. PO

Koen E. PO

Lotter H. PO

Mc Master R.A. PO

Skeates R.F. PO

Smit H.W. CPO

Smith W.R. PO

Van Tonder W.M.G. CPO

Webb D. CPO

Whiteley M.B.R. PO

Wium C.J. PO