The Ship

Out of the Storm came Courage

Launch of the PK on 20th October, 1960

SAS President Kruger was launched at the Clyde shipyard of Yarrow and Company.

Under the terms of the 1955 Simonstown Agreement, South Africa undertook a 42 Million Rand expansion programme. As a consequence, three new modified Type 12M Frigates were ordered in 1957.

The Rothesay Class, or Type 12M was designed for anti-submarine operations, and therefore required high speed and manoeuvrability, reduced noise and superb handling.

The design and layout of the type was therefore geared towards this anti-submarine role, and specific features included the high forecastle. The result was to create a ship that was able to sustain adequate speed in almost any sea, and became known as fast, dry comfortable vessels.

This hull design became the standard for British naval development for thirty years.

The ‘PK’ enters Simonstown for the first time on 28th March 1963 to a huge welcome.

SAS President Kruger Launch Ceremony Documents